Highly creative and flexible elements
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About Us

Accsori is an e-commerce website headquartered in Shenzhen, China.
We specialize in selling various electronic products and equipment accessories, such as smart phone protective cases, smart watch cases and straps, etc.

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About Products & brand Declare

We not sell any products that are not authorized by third-party brands or infringing products.
If our styles are similar or the products are at risk of infringement, please contact us in time to communicate and remove them.

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Types of products we sell

We provide a variety of peripheral accessories for iPhone/iWatch/AirPods/iPad and other devices.
For example, watchband/protective case/tempered film/wireless charger bracket/wired charger bracket/car bracket/charger and other peripheral accessories products.

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Brand & product concept

We are committed to building a full ecological brand accessories website.
Currently we focus on peripheral accessories for Apple devices, and in the future we will support Android.
Give full play to the advantages of the Chinese market and provide foreign customers with diverse, multi-functional, high-quality and affordable accessories.

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